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Warning: These Links are not authorized. Most of these pages are written in Japanese.
Kochi University Home Page
Kyoto University Home Page
kyoto-Inet People
Internetwork Kyoto
Kansai International Airport home page
Hakusen-sha (Publisher of Hana-to-Yume, a comic magazine for girls)
La page non officielle de Sophie Marceau
Saito Yuki information box
Fujiya system center home page (Fujiya is a famous confectionery in Japan)
Homepage of Pecochan

Pages searching Pages

Nippon Search Engine/Opening Page !
Yahoo! (US)
Hotbot (A search engine who watches *every* sites in the world. Recommended.)


WWW Servers in Japan
We Love network beauties
Infomation Corner

Pages on OS/2 and related topics

pcweb Japan top page
OS/2 PAGE by Kanashima-san (Great. Maybe better than pcweb japan home page to obtain useful informations!)
Kanji Sueki home page
Device Driver Repository (Europe)
ATI Technologies Inc. On-Line (Canada)
Team OS/2 Japan Home Page

Shogi (=Japanese chess) pages

You might find it enjoyable to play shogi at Java Shogi home page .

Many sites related to shogi are listed at Computer shogi Association page

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