Curriculum vitae of Katsumi Shimomura


I was born on 28th December, 1953 in Hiroshima.

Working Experience

2000- Professor of Kochi University
1997- 2000 Associate Professor of Kochi University
1992- 1997 Associate Professor of Tottori University
1988- 1992 Assistant Professor of Tottori University

Scholastic Record

1984-1988 Research student at Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University
1985 A degree (Doctor of Science) at Hiroshima University
1976-1984 Graduate student at Department of Mathematics, Hiroshima University
1972-1976 Student at Department of Mathematics, Ehime University
1969-1972 Hatsukaichi High School
1966-1969 Hatsukaichi Junior High School
1960-1966 Hatsukaichi Elementary School


Date of Birth:December 28, 1953
Weight:120 lbs.
Married status: Married
Family: Wife: Chieko,
Son: Mao-no-suke,
Daughter: Suika (died on January 15th 2005 at the age of two and half)
Daughter: Suzuka