The 27th Symposium on Algebraic Combinatorics

Dates: June 21(Mon) -- June 23(Wed), 2010
Place: Kochi University, Asakura Campus
Organizer: M.Oura(Kochi Univ., email:oura@kochi-u.ac.jp)

June 21, Monday
10:00-10:50 H.Maehara(Professor Emeritus at Univ. of the Ryukyus, Tokai Univ.), T.Kuwata(Tokai Univ.)
 Lattice points on conics
11:05-11:55 E.Bannai(Professor Emeritus at Kyushu Univ.), E.Bannai
 Several remarks on the concepts of t-designs
14:00-14:50 J.Fujisawa(Kochi Univ.)
 Hamiltonicity of 4-connected claw-free graphs
15:00-15:30 T.Okuda(Univ. of Tokyo)
 Designs and codes on compact Lie groups
15:30-16:00 T.Miezaki(Tohoku Univ.)
 Spherical designs obtained from finite subgroups of the orthogonal group of degree 4
16:15-17:05 M.Homma(Kanagawa Univ.)
 Plane curves over finite fields with many points, and Sziklai's conjecture

June 22, Tuesday
10:00-10:50 H.Nakaoka(Univ. of Tokyo)
 Categorical aspect of the Witt-Burnside construction
11:05-11:35 T.Sugai(Hokkaido Univ.)
 Abstract Mackey Functors
11:35-12:05 M.Tagami(Tohoku Univ.)
 On the number of points in a lattice polytope
14:00-14:40 H.Taniguchi(Kagawa National College of Tech.)
 On some quotients of dual hyperovals in PG(d(d+3)/2,2)
14:50-15:30 Y.Hiramine(Kumamoto Univ.)
 On TD_2(2n,n)'s admitting semiregular automorphism groups of order n^2
15:45-16:25 C.Suetake(Oita Univ.), K.Akiyama(Fukuoka Univ.), M.Tanaka(Sojo Univ.)
 Generalized Hadamard matrices over GF(4) and Hadamard matrices
16:35-17:25 Alexander Pott(Ott-von-Guerick-Univ.)
 Almost perfect and perfect nonlinear functions: Differences and similarities
18:00- Banquet Time changed!

June 23, Wednesday
10:00-10:50 K.Harada(Professor Emeritus at Ohio State Univ.)
 From the work of Sin and Thompson
11:05-11:55 M.Miyamoto(Univ. of Tsukuba)
 C_1-cofiniteness of the fixed point subVOAs for VOAs of free bozon type